PG November 2016 Updates

PG November 2016 Updates

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PG November 2016 Updates



Super Moon View 



Focus Area week 13th Nov-20th Nov 2016


Collection of Ashaar ( اشعار )
by PG
21st November 2016, 00:02
Pegham Collection – Urdu Shoraa (3,394/12,106)
Bazm-e-Shairi (6,001/87,457)
Naey Shoraa (2,255/20,428)
Iqbal ki Soch – Pegham ki Takhleeq (207/3,322)


 Focus Area 21st Nov – 5th Dec

Nasri Adab
Nasri Adab 2,216 15,939

behtreen aqwaal
by PG
20th November 2016, 19:46


Pegham Writers (1,003/8,840)
Khawateen Ki Chilman
A section which covers every basic need of women.
4,705 49,124

latest shoes 2016
by nimrah
12th November 2016, 21:10


Fashion (75/285) Beauty Corner (181/318) Kids Corner (97/304)
Pegham kitchen (257/800) Home & Decorations (96/356)
Health Care
Share all the articles related to health care here…
1,608 5,805

coping with Cancer
by nimrah
6th November 2016, 14:57


PG October 2016 Updates

Pegham Updates October 2016

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Islamic Calligraphy Designs

Visit Forum for full view images



       Snapshot Section

Diran guest-house-hunza- Nagar


Nasri Adab 


Dr. Maqsood Hasni Latest Urdu Articles

Naye shoura 

loneliness4ever new poetry

Pegham Designing





Visit Pakistan 

Sangar jheel 


Health (Latest Articles)

 Tips for good Health – Top 12 Cancer-Fighting Foods – Activites – Eat Healthy Food


Photoshop Tutorials & Download Latest stuff


Youtube  October 2016 Video’s – visit pegham youtube Channel 

Pegham Information Technology

PhotoShop (438/6,424)
Active Server Pages (ASP) (7/99)
Data Communication (3/52)
Windows 7 Secrets (6/27)
Microsoft Excel (9/125)
Adobe Illustrator (2/18)
Blogspot Tutorials (28/96)
Microsoft Word (10/126)
Misc IT Tutorials (164/3,227)
PaintShop (139/1,633)
InPage Urdu (30/530)
Web Designing (55/886)
Corel Draw (44/553)
Microsoft PowerPoint (38/242)
Flash (17/117)
HardWare (2/31)
Video Editing (12/259)
Kelk (14/282)
Nitro PDF (7/23)


More Activites comming soon on the month of November,don’t forget to visit updates.message.pegham for latest activites .


Pegham Channels

PG September 2016 Updates

Updates September 2016

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Pegham Updates – September 2016


At the end of first month after re-launching Pegham, here is an update of what has happened in September 2016 on Pegham!

First let us refresh the re-launching video:

See our welcome back thread here at:

Official re-launching of pegham

We have upgraded Pegham Forum software to latest available, which has some very very exciting features for future build of website. And we intend to take full advantage of it and in sha Allah in future we will build a comprehensive site on Pegham domain.

Some highlights includes:

  • Urdu Wikipedia (mainly focused on Islam and Muslims)
  • Comprehensive Islamic History
  • Islamic site in at least two language: Urdu and English
  • Comprehensive site on Urdu Adab
  • Sports Portal
  • and much much more


We have started a campaign on Facebook to promote Pegham Network. And in first of it’s launch, Pegham has been viewed by a staggering 75000 people in Pakistan and UAE only:


… of course we need to work hard to get these people to be a part of Pegham.

We have already started our work by doing some excellent addition to Pegham Forum. Here are some highlights:


Qurani Aayat presented in a beautiful way:

Aayaat-e-Kareema and Hadith Mubaraka

For more Qurani Aayat please follow this link: Qurani Aayat and for Hadith Mubaraka

For Online Tafseer Quran in Urdu please visit our site at: Tafseer-e-Quran

For Online Hadith Mubarka in Urdu please visit our site at: Hadith Mubaraka


A comprehensive and dedicated poetry section. Here you will find a huge collection of Urdu poets, a huge collection of members choices, dedicated section for Pegham poets and last but not least a comprehensive section for designed Urdu poetry, where you’ll find poetry designed by poets, by words, designed bati bazi and designed by designer and much much more.

Allama Iqbal is the only poet and philosopher, who has translated the beautiful message of Islam, Quran and Hadith into poetry. Pegham has a dedicated section for this great great thinker and dreamer of Pakistan.

Poetry is not the only focus at Pegham. We have a huge collection of stories, articles, novels, quotes, short stories and members own writings. Kept safe for over 15 years now.


A section, which is dedicated to discussions, games, chit-chat, Political views and reviews, Sports, Snaps, Pegham Members Interviews, Videos and much much more. Anything and everything can be discussed here – with respect and maturity of course 😉


We have a dedicated section for Women, where they can share everything which is ‘girly’. With lifestyle and everything related to lifestyle can be found here. Let it be the latest fashion, beauty tips, Children care, Kitchen corner or Home decorations.

A dedicated section for Health Care herunder Tib-e-Nabwi SAW is also to be found at Pegham


In Pegham Academy you will find a huge collection of courses, articles, tips and tricks about Information Technology, herunder Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Urdu InPage and lots more. There is a huge collection of Study Notes for Students made by students. Just to name a few…

PhotoShop (418/6,409)
Microsoft Word (10/126)
Misc IT Tutorials (157/3,239)
PaintShop (139/1,633)
InPage Urdu (30/530)
Web Designing (55/886)
Corel Draw (44/553)
Flash (17/117)
HardWare (2/31)
Video Editing (12/259)
Kelk (14/276)
Nitro PDF (7/23)
Educational News (416/3,083)
B.A Notes (123/123)
M.A Notes (531/562)
Jobs & Career (13/29)

…and if you are interested in getting knowledge about certain things, persons or events or just need a place to see books, here is a nice place to start:

Encyclopedia-urdu (453/2,022)


To use Pegham easily on Mobile, we have introduced a dedicated APP for Pegham. You can download it for Android-based mobiles. A version for IOS is under development. Android app can be downloaded at following link: